Monday, January 23, 2006

Today's the day!

Ok, you can both breathe again...yes, I've decided to try
~~~~Glittering a KittyRock~~~~
(Aren't tildes cute?)
Beyond the question of "How much will glitter improve a kittyrock?", I've worried that you might not be able to SEE it glow-in-the-dark under the glitter...but, not to worry, the stuff I'm using is more like a sugar coating--teeny tiny glass balls.
(BTW, the close-up function on my camera doesn't work (damn!) so this will have to do for now. Still, you'll get the idea).

The experimental kitty...the forerunner, the trail blazer, the sacrificial lamb!

Oooooo! I LOVE it! (Are you really surprised? lol)

Still, I think I'll charge ALOT more for a doubt it'll be incredibly popular, right?

(Later: Well, those tiny glass balls pretty much cover the glow in the dark parts (except for the face), and the very reason I have it is BECAUSE it comes off fairly came from 'sugared grapes' at the shop and what I have is what I swept off my counter

So: SheddingGlitterKittys?

Possible big seller, or '')

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