Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Good morning!

Mog called from Hawaii today...says it's beautiful there and she's loving it. The drugs that got her on the plane in the first place took 24 hours to wear off though, so today she'll try island-hopping un-medicated.

If you knew Mog, you'd be chuckling too.

Phred just called to say she's stopping here tomorrow morning and she expects fresh coffee and home-made cinnamon or caramel rolls. I bake bread all the time, but have rarely tried sweet rolls. I guess today's the day.

Watch this space for pictures, ok?

Later: Hmm, it's pretty easy. The recipe calls for raising overnight in the fridge, so that's where they are right now. With any luck, I'll remember to get a pic in the morning before we tear into them...lol)

Wednesday morning--Hey, I remembered:

Mmmm-mmm. They were a hit and Phred laughed.
That's all I wanted.
This afternoon, I'll make a batch with nuts.

(BTW, this is the FUN of blogging--posting whatever comes along just for shits and giggles).


  1. Anonymous7:16 AM

    The rolls look fine but served on plates with BLUE on them? ARRGGGHHH! I was doing OK until I got to the last two pictures. Then geck. And what the henck - no gookum on the bottom of the pan? Our mother would not approve. AND she'd tell you to use a bigger pan next time. Hey - I'm just the messenger.

    Critically yours - PT

  2. Wow PT4999, it's really a good thing you didn't see us consuming the rolls, then.

    Cobalt plates AND mugs made them taste even better. It's delightful seeing that carmel-orangish-brown against the royal blue, ya know?

    Thing is, I never much cared for all the extra stickiness on top/bottom of Mom's rolls--probably why I haven't tried making 'em in all these years.

    LOL...bet you're baking caramel rolls today...)

  3. Anonymous1:08 AM

    Yes, as a matter of fanct, I did make caramel rolls today. And yesterday. And I made mine in muffin pans so now I have individual rolls whenever I want them. So ha ha ha. ~ PT
    (insert inevitable comments about maturity here. You know you're thinking them.)


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