Sunday, February 19, 2006

Hoppy Birdie Two Ewes!

Bring out the lemon flavored cake, it's Anon P.T's birthday! I'll have to call-and-sing later, but right now I'll post the most recent photo of her, ok?

Hope you're having this much fun today, too! (And, in your honor, not ONE lol will be used on this post.) You're welcome.



  1. Anonymous7:30 AM

    Denks tuda! I remember (barely) when that picture was taken. And how appropriate to mention lemon cake with that picture. Because there we have it - lemon cake with sauce(d)!

    Love - PT

  2. Wow, PT...I've never thought we looked much alike, but seeing both of us on the page there...oh, my. Rosy-apple-cheeks run in the fam?
    I for one was NOT under the influence when mine was taken though...we can't say the same for you, can we?
    Enjoy your day!!


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