Saturday, February 18, 2006

Thoughts about dipping my toe in Genealogy

*Wow, this family search thing should be fun/daunting/frustrating/entertaining/enlightening.

*Thing is, I'm about to become a grandma, so "roots" seem more interesting right

*Entering data into a computer genealogy program is certainly overwhelming.

*My Dad's family is better documented than I thought, and I have gobs of info on my Mom's family.

*I want there to be orderly family pictures of the rellys, but of course there aren't...and pictures I thought I had already stored on this computer aren't there.

*Still, computer programs make the whole process more managable and orderly, right?


  1. Anonymous2:58 AM

    Thanks to the hard work of other family members, I have a fine idea of where my mom's maternal line began... It's good to dig while people are still alive/ remember/care to volunteer informaton. I'll probably never know beans about my paternal grandfather (he died long before I was born), or much else about that side of my family.

    Here's to the miracle of genealogy software!

    ~Patsy's Daughter~

  2. It really helps if you WANT TO find out about them... I was pretty sure that my dad's family didn't try to document anything, but there they are in the census and church records...stuff like where they came from in Germany, and when. That means the church over there probably has records, too. (At least birth, death and marriage records).
    Actually, I'm hoping to find at least one scoundrel.


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