Saturday, March 18, 2006


My livingroom is a greenhouse--it's become the room where my
25 biggest plants 'overwinter'.
It's a serene room with light olive walls and a slate-color
ceramic tile floor. I love the 'arboreal ambiance' there,
but by spring, I'm pretty tired of cleaning up dead leaves,
and I have a growing sense of guilt for torturing innocent plants.
It's Minnesota, the winter sun is low, the windows few and the furnace keeps the air-moisture content around zero.
It's only March, and I want those plants outside!

The rule of thumb for tropical plants to survive outside is
that nights need to be about 60 degrees
(some years, that's May, some years

SO, if they're inside from October to May, that means they're stressed
for 7-8 months, and then THRILLED for 4-5.

But look, the word is HOUSEplants...shouldn't that mean
they're to grace the inside of the house most of the time, with a nice vacation outside as a reward?
Guess I need to re-think my 'winter warehouse' idea...maybe less plants
but spread around the house more?
Maybe start collecting mirrors for the walls in there, too?
Would a church accept a 6 foot norfolk island pine from a heathen??

Heh. And people ask WHY I blog.

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