Sunday, April 30, 2006


LOL...I've been at THE STORE for less than a week, and already feel very welcome and useful. I'm tickled by the great people there, and the team effort involved in getting ready for May. On Friday night, I left to get some supper before the truckload of plants arrived, and accidentally took a walkie-talkie with me. We found that I can use it from my kitchen!

There's lots to be done outside yet, but it's been raining since Friday. (Large jardinieres are slippery when they're wet!) Still, we'll get out there today again--clearing some benches and merchandising others...and guess what? I GET TO LEARN HOW TO DRIVE A BOBCAT!!! (Talk about long-term ambitions being realized, huh? I can feel the waves of envy from Chicago and

I took pictures in the annuals house yesterday, and then slipped the camera into my raincoat pocket and forgot it....did you know damp cameras aren't happy cameras? If and when it dries out, I'll post pics for you, promise.

Hooray: with fresh batteries and a day to dry out, the camera is working again...lucky, lucky YOU:

Saturday morning, we started working on displaying the annuals in the greenhouse.
(We unloaded Friday night in 45 minutes, so pansies and cabbage ended up next to each other on the shelves...) Here, we've started to group by color.

Along the left side of the greenhouse, we placed fuchsia, purple, white, red, burgandy and bright yellow--it's absolutely breathtaking!

Along the right, we started with light red, then salmon, soft yellows, soft blues and lavendars and then about 20 shades of pink...

Ok, here's the BRIGHT side again, but looking toward the entrance: yellow, burgandy, red, white, purple, fuchsia...Cool, huh?

Ahh, I can HEAR you inquire: "So, umm, what did you put down the middle, then?"
Ha! That's where all the green plants are hanging, and the mixed-color flats are on the shelves. Stop in and see!

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  1. Anonymous8:23 PM

    I'm so glad you're happy and feeling useful. There's nothing better!

    Mr. Mike IS jealous about the Bobcat but I have to admit it is not one of my unfulfilled dreams.


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