Monday, June 12, 2006

MORE baby pictures!

LOL..I think my new camera just doesn't DO small pictures, so even the lowest setting, cropped, is still too large for Blogster.

Oh, well, huh?

Son called over the weekend to ask if I could watch the baby while he had appointments with clients today. Of course!
BTW, what ever did I do with my days off before she was born?

When I arrived this morning, she was chatting with her Daddy in his office...she'd been up for a whole hour already, and probably needed some Grandma Time (and a bottle).

Evidently, Grandma's are exhausting.

What a dolly!

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  1. Anonymous6:47 AM

    To: Complaint Dept.
    Re: Updates

    I have checked this site repeatedly since the Monday posting that was crabbing about "blogger" not working. The promised pictures have not appeared. I'm beginning to think that the problems is that the blogger herself is not working. Either that or she's hogging the pictures for herself. I don't want to get rough but I will if I have to. So... if the pictures don't appear soon, I'm telling. There. You brought it on yourself.

    Love - PT


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