Saturday, June 17, 2006

Various pics, ok?

(Evidently, I can't add pictures to an already posted we'll start with the paragraph from last Tuesday....)

Here's the place we visit every time I'm watching the baby--

the deck behind the house. She seems fascinated by all the green out there. We sit in one of these chairs and I try to echo the birds, and her little face gets so intense, looking for She LOVES whistles, finger snapping and clapping in time to music. What a JOY she is!
New subject:

Ya know when you think about the things that mean summer to you? I think about stuff like swimming, mowing, flowers to bring inside, open windows, sweating....but I always forget THIS till I see it

When a bird nests in a hanging basket, you have to stop watering the plant...especially if it's a robin. This one's outside J&B's house, on their front porch. She let me know that my arrival and departure didn't please her one bit.
Son took this through the front window.


Ok, just so you believe me about how cool my new job is, this is the pond outside the owner's house...he asked if we'd go out and plant a few pots around the yard, and of course, I couldn't resist snapping a few
Click to enlarge it--cool, huh?

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