Tuesday, September 19, 2006

A fall trip to Lake Superior

We're off this morning to Bayfield, Wisconsin. You KNOW I'll take pictures, and we'll see if Blogger lets me post 'em.
Doncha just love a mystery?

Waiting for Mog to get here, I noticed a fairly large bird on the cement block on the corner of the square flowerbed outside my office window. ('Fairly large' means about twice the size of a robin--his beak and feet are tucked in, and he's perfectly centered on the block--the only movement is when the wind ruffles his feathers a bit). What's remarkable about that? Something about him makes me think "hawk"--the fearlessness and serenity of sleeping 2 feet above the ground, out in the open--

Ok, she's here!
See ya later...

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    >and we'll see if Blogger lets me post 'em.



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