Friday, September 22, 2006

Pictures STILL don't work...

Ok, I've tried a few times to post pics (again), and the screen freezes when I get the picture here on the 'dashboard'. It's making me nuts! I have some GREAT pics of Bayfield and Madeline Island, but I can't show you!

Still, the leaves were BRILLIANT and the weather cold--> I was
On Madeline Island, we rented Mopeds (!) and buzzed all over for an hour. At one point, a small flock of birds flew along with us for a bit, and we saw deer before they saw

Bayfield trys for a 'nautical' theme in town, often tongue-in-cheek: there are bright pink flamingoes in every store or restaurant, and a STATUE made of pink-painted metal downtown...the pics of Mog kissing the flamingo are to die for, but YOU can't see them...neener-neener!

Sorry about that!

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  1. You might want to try to upgrade to the new blogger beta. I was having problems as well this whole month until I updated the blog to the new beta version.


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