Wednesday, October 11, 2006

A whole NEW idea!

Hmm. Here's something to think about:

Blogging can be fun. Blogs are fun to read. ANYONE can blog...and ANYONE can comment (as both of you know).

Somehow, I've picked-up the reputation among family and friends as a 'computer trail blazer' just because I've (more or less) maintained a blog for two years, when what it actually only means is my attention span is finally getting

Daud got the hint over a year ago and started her own blog. Ahem--NOW, it's time for a sibling or two to do the same...I mean, I'd love to add YOUR blog address to my Favorites list. I'll check it everyday, promise. I'll even

Go to: and dig in...who knows, maybe YOU'LL be able to post pictures.

I'm waiting.....


  1. Anonymous7:33 AM


    And you can't make me.

    ~Vature Reader #2

  2. Anonymous7:37 AM

    Besides, I don't have a granddaughter who I'm sposed to be posting pictures of.


  3. Anonymous2:39 AM

    I really think you are already good at it so why should we be angling to get in it? A little friendly banter shouldn't make you think we want to butt in 0n your blogger territory. We will all work to suggest things to improve it from time to time, right Anonyphish? but you are doing just fine, just fine. Love, Pfoof


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