Sunday, October 01, 2006

A "temporary condition"

OK, I know both of you are wondering why I deleted my own picture...but it's part of a marketing thing....if you use blogger (a free service) get what you pay for.

I tried to create a sample blog for the store today, but when you already HAVE a blog on blogger, almost any messing you do with one transfers to the other, but in the weirdest ways!

I posted a picture of the SS crew on the other page, and it didn't show up here. Fine. Then I saw that my iris picture appeared on the OTHER blog, so I went there and deleted it. Came back here and it was gone...sigh.

So anyway, the meeting I need it for is Tuesday morning, and stuff should be back in order HERE Tuesday night or so.

(OK, it took til sue me)


  1. Hey Mom,

    You just have to use a completely different profile, with, I believe, a different email address and everything. Otherwise it will automatically do what it did...



  2. Birdie8:30 PM

    Not so, Lem! My COMPUTER identifies me as Birdie to Blogger, so a new account can't be done. I've tried.

    Anyway, the other blog is gone now, so I can put my picture back up :^)

    (BTW, I have wootsy fresh nails again, with flowers on the ring fingernails...damn cute!)


  3. Anonymous6:13 AM

    First you're Birdie, then you're A Purple Shirt, then you're Birdie again.

    This is getting too confusing. I can't cope.

    Who are you?

    Do I know you?

    What is the meaning of life?


    PS - Yay to wootsy nails!

  4. Anonymous7:30 AM

    OK - it's not Tuesday (or Wednesday).

    You're you again, not a purple shirt.

    The picture is even back lest both of us forget what you look like.

    How about some new news? I've digested the wootsy nail tidbit as much as I'm going to.

    Thank you.

    ~Reader #2

  5. how about some new blog? I am sinck of this temporary condition of yours, but must be newsless myself or I woudn;t be so desparate. Anonymous Phoofayne


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