Thursday, March 22, 2007

Should a person be allowed to have this much fun?

Think of all the stuff you LOVE to do...the most rewarding stuff you can think of, m'kay?

Spending two days with little granddaughter was more wonderful than whatever you thought of, trust me. It was non-stop playing (lol), and watching her do all kinds of "big girl" stuff, like feeding herself, and letting me know what she did not want right now.

For whatever reason, her most-used "word" is geek with an sh instead of the k. It's an all-purpose word that means.................?

Her parents say we need to get used to calling her Big Girl 'cuz she won't be the baby after July, when we'll all realize just how MUCH she's grown after all. So, BG it is....but in this family, random nicknames can stick for the rest of your

Honest, she was leaning into me right then...but Da was taking another picture and NOT holding her!

Earlier in the day, she saw my camera on the end table and touched it with one tiny finger. I almost missed her saying "cam-ra", but she DID say's remarkable partly because cameras don't all look alike, yet she knows what they are...(and of course she wouldn't say it Cool, huh?

I'd post more pics, but everyone must be on-line tonight (same reason I quit trying Wednesday night)...I'll try to add a few more tomorrow, ok?

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  1. Anonymous7:55 AM

    This one is nearly art quality. Beautiful.

    You're such a perfect grandma. I don't think I could play for 2 days!



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