Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Todays best pic

Little granddaughter and I had a GREAT time playing together today...lol She seemed more receptive to the camera after I showed her that it plays a little jingle when I turn it on....and also when I used the no-flash feature.
She completely refused to take a nap today, which made me remember that her dad quit that boring ritual early, too...lol When I mentioned it to him, he recalled being surprised that naps were a part of the Kindergarten day. By then, he didn't remember EVER needing a nap...lol

For an hour or so this afternoon, she pretty much entertained herself...I was sitting on the couch and she was busy chattering and working on the toys. Back and forth to the deck windows, waving at the neighbor's dog out the front window, carrying whatever she had in her hand when the spirit moved her. She would 'check in' with me ocassionally, but it was perfectly ok that I wasn't involved.

She has about 15 words these days...none of which actually help her get me to understand....but when she runs to my knees and opens her arms, I know it means "Up!" and my Grandma heart does flip-flops...lol

It was around 40ยบ today, so we've started going out on the deck again. She's as fascinated as she was last spring...watching for birds, trying the wind chime, seeing the branches dance in the wind. We were playing at whispering out there, and her little pointer finger went to her nose and she said "S-s-s-s-ss"...took me a minute to realize she was meant "Shhhh"....mom and dad beat me to that one!

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  1. Anonymous7:01 AM

    Isn't she pretty? Can't you just hear Grammie saying, "Those eyes!" Makes me wonder what Owen will look like.


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