Friday, July 20, 2007

Get the popcorn and Junior's showtime again!

You know me...once I get started on something and like it, well, I embrace it (which is NOT the way certain unnamed sibs would state it...LOL)

But see, I have all these pictures from the olden days in the family, and they're just here, in an album and a shoebox...doing what? Pah...not a thing.

SO, me and Movie Maker got together and produced this, just for YOU.....




  1. Anonymous11:00 PM

    HEy, this is totally cool. I didn't even recognize the one with all the people in it. can i make it bigger? how? you may have figured out I am not totally anonymous, but hey--being transparent is good. keep going, do one of just us kids--oops, there goes my anonymity again. get pissy to comment too, love Anon.

  2. See the little buttons on the lower right corner of the YouTube frame around the video? one makes the pic smaller, and one makes it full screen...I'll leave it to you to figure out
    The one with all the people? It's a pic of all the cousins (I think just Carol was missing, and maybe one or two others...but who can tell?) It was against the yard fence at grandma and grandpa's farm...I only remember it was

    Ok, I'll do one of just us kids, but I'll need some donated pics. I have only a few, so send me ones you'd like to see, ok?


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