Monday, July 02, 2007

Lilies and the Fourth

Look at the size of these lilies! They're the party-favor-bulbs from E&S's wedding (almost TWO years ago already!) LOL...I had to go measure the siding--what you see here is 33" of siding plus the blocks--who knows why they got so tall this year?

They're what the word 'awesome' was invented for, I think....


Tonight's the kind of night those of you "Ustas" will remember as one of the reasons you left Minnesota:

It's rained on and off all day. There's still a cloud cover, and the only movement outside are the robins getting a few more cherries before dusk.

The air is so thick the mosquitoes don't realize it's NOT water. It's two nights before the fourth, so a neighbor is outside setting off furtive firecrackers ('s not legal, ya know) but the smoke deters the mosquitoes for a few There's a blue haze in their yard, spreading just above the grass...a dead giveaway if the law comes down the alley.

And that reminds me of Earl the cop and our own experience with illegal fireworks, remember?

Ah, summer. Can't WAIT till it's over.

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  1. Anonymous7:05 AM

    Lilies, schmilies. Isn't some little missy expecting a grandson? And on her birthday yet? How about some updates?

    Love - (Great)A. Non


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