Saturday, August 18, 2007

Have YOU ever heard of St Nicholas, Mn? either, until Shari said her family helped settle the area.

Map from the diocese of St Cloud website.

They came here from Luxembourg (the country) and built Luxemburg (the town, south of St Cloud). If you recall, that little town is on F-L-A-T land.

Well! Evidently, some of those farmers wanted what they knew--good soil, loaded with rocks! They moved west another 10-15 miles and found a gorgeous hilltop to put the blacksmith, church and bar on. But, Oh, disputes, a different townsite and the bishop gets involved, right? He wants those settlers to move to where they're building a NEW church, about 2 miles farther west.

And that means moving the cemetery.

Some people dug up the relatives and carted 'em to the new digs (oooo!), and some flatly refused.

Who knows why the bish was so adamant, but it makes a person realize that politi
cs and favoritism aren't all that new.

Click the should get a good size shot of the area, with the original site pinned there in the middle, and the "new" town towards the bottom, with Cold Spring at the top.

So, ok...mystery solved, right? The little cemetery I wrote about is all that's left of the original townsite. As though you'd EVER go looking for

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