Thursday, August 16, 2007

Wanna play "Where in the World"?

Here are two pictures, taken within 20 miles of my house. I'd never been to this spot--it's just never been on my radar before this

Odd what people do out of 'devotion', huh? I'm not being snotty--I CAN understand the motivation for something like this and I recognize my own ancestors' mindset at work here, too--but what I don't understand is how making (or buying) a painted, gold-leaf, 'realistic' statue of the BVM and building a chapel to house it would accomplish much.

Was it built because of a promise made over the outcome of something? "I'll build you a chapel if...." And did it work out? Or, was it simply to provide a quiet place to meditate? And, why would this enclosure be more holy than the beautiful hillside it stands on?

The cornerstone says 1936. It's in excellent condition, so f
or 60+ years, someone's been maintaining it. I suppose at the very least, it could be one families' tradition....

See? There are STILL

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  1. Anonymous5:00 PM

    Well, you lead us central Minn. natives, to the trough, but there is no way to drink if you don't tell WHERE the gudding thing is located near your home. What if someone wants to make a pilgrimage there to elevate their soul's status? Noooo, some little girl has to keep it all to herself, I guess. I think it moral to spit it out. Yours in loving disgruntlement, Phoofer


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