Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Dinner at Buca

There was a time when going out to eat was a fairly dignified affair...good food, polite conversation, sharing one colored on the menu or dropped her BA on the floor, or fished in my iced tea for that slippery lemon slice....but damn, THIS is much more fun!

KQ tried the lemon wedge her dad offered made her shiver and squirm, but she wanted to try it over and
It was raining before we got to the restaurant, so I had my umbrella along. As we left, I was carrying KQ, and showed her how the umbrella worked--POP! It's open, and we were under it! Then, POP! it's gone into a foot long stick. POP! There it is again, over our heads!

I LOVE the idea that she thinks I'm!

BTW, my name is now Damma.

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  1. OF COURSE DAMMA IS MAGIC! See you at the cocktail party? We can share pics and cute stories about KQ and MM and my little baby! Did B share the video I made of their trick or treating?


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