Saturday, September 01, 2007

The State Fair with grandkids!

Yes, ok....I don't usually like the State Fair, right? I might get talked into going every six or seven years, but I always vow--NEVER again. LOL

However, I didn't need to think about it too hard when B said she thought she'd take the kids to the fair, and did I want to go along? She's been to the fair in her home state, but never the MINNESOTA State Fair.

WELL, then...a certain foolish pride kicks in, right? (Where's my rolling-eyes smiley when I need it?)

Mercifully, with little kids, it was short...but they made it


  1. Anonymous6:55 AM

    What a couple of cute babies! I think MM (love those initials!) looks a lot like Jawa at that age. Pity those schiwdren have a grandmother who sees fit to only post four pictures. Sigh...

  2. Anonymous7:58 AM

    The state fair is over! I agree the schiwdren don't have over many pictures to document it, but obviously, nothing has happened since. Does their grandmother just sit there and houck?

  3. Anonymous8:38 AM

    She must just sitting there and houcking. She's not doing anything else - like taking hints (if you know what I mean).

  4. Anonymous11:53 AM

    come on post something. My fingers are worn to bloody stumps from checking this so often. then they sting from the weeping that gets on them. it is so sad


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