Sunday, November 11, 2007

On the Distressing and Startling Lack of Safety Pins In Modern Society

Have you noticed? Not so long ago, EVERY woman carried a cache of emergency stuff in her purse, "just in case".
Beyond the Hazel Bishop and compact, you'd find a little yellow tin of aspirin, a few bobby pins on a folded-up chapel veil, and a rain bonnet (each in their own little plastic pouch), a couple of stocking clasps from a worn-out girdle,
even a little sewing kit sometimes...(in our case, there was usually an open pack of powder-covered Walnettos, too)...but always, ALWAYS--safety pins.

Where have they gone?

Safety pins were the universal fixer: a torn seam, a broken necklace or rosary, a missing button, a fallen hem? Get the safety pins--you'll hardly be able to tell. Some were even decorative--kids made bracelets out of 'em, and plaid kilt skirts sported a huge gold version. I understand the horsey set used the giant ones to keep a blanket on Trigger after a workout, and dad kept one in his toolbox--safety pins were ubiquitous, right?
Now, I suppose it's all velcro, and clothes don't need to last like when we were kids.

LOL...what brought all this up? Those ridiculous elastic bra straps with sliders. (IMHO, beyond a 32A, boobs should NOT bounce. Neither should they be allowed to hang nearer the waist than the collarbone...and my bra is considerably BEYOND). I needed some safety pins to keep the stupid slider from SLIDING.

Yes, I have a little container of safety pins in the junk drawer, but I really had to hunt for 'em. They shoulda been in my
(P.S. They are now).

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