Monday, November 05, 2007


Sometimes, you just gotta goof-off--yesterday, 6 friends and relatives descended on J&B's house to "visit". Actually, it was to play with the

Man, we had fun. KQ was amazed by eight adults singing HER songs, all at once. The look on her face when we all did Itsy Bitsy Spider with hand motions--well, what can I say? I'm converting the 23 Mb movie to MP3 even as we speak, and it's only 42 seconds

Her little brother is growing SO fast--at 14 weeks, he can hold his head up, and he giggles! He's built like his dad was at that age, and he's every bit as cute, too. His job yesterday was being a straight-man for the rest of us, and to be cuddled and held. He was excellent at it!

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