Sunday, April 27, 2008


Ok, here's one of "my" churches. It's near Wausau, Wisconsin, on top of a wooded hill, overlooking miles of fertile farm land. There's a swampy area below the graveyard, so I could hear frogs as well as birds up there.
(Yeah, that's Blanche parked on the

Just thought you'd like to


  1. Anonymous7:11 AM

    Two entries in one day?! Wow! Not to bish or anything (you know me) but couldn't you spread it out a litte? Just for the sake of the faithful few who check in EVERY DAY hoping that this is our lucky day and there is a new blog? It would make our days (nay, our LIVES) to blog a little, a little more often. Thank you.

    ~P. T.

  2. Anonymous5:54 AM

    OK - it's May 28. That means it has been about one month since your last post. Does this gentle reminder mean that we (your loyal readership) will be seeing a new post soon or that given your track record, we only have four months to wait? Think about it. I don't want to have to get rough but loyalty COULD be transferred to Faux Martha, you know. She posts often AND has very cute kids.

    Love -

    ~P. T.


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