Sunday, April 27, 2008

Five MONTHS later? WOW

Everybody has a list of what's important in their lives, right? Even if it's never ennumerated, there are priorities--and they shift sometimes.

Blogging was in my top ten when I was home every night after work, but these days, I'm on the road more than half of most weeks. Yes, I have the laptop along, but the age of universal DECENT wireless signals is not yet, so I'm lucky most nights to be able to send e-mails, let alone blog.

Besides, after 38 years identifying myself as a florist, being a photographer instead makes the blog title sorta moot.

One option would be to change the title, right? (The graphic is from a 1842 map of Bohemia, and no, I ADDED the

But see? That's another area where my interests and priorities have shifted lately--when I'm online, I'm searching genealogy sites rather than

And certainly, church photography is different than art photography, especially since I can't show you my best work, or my favorite subjects: old women. There's such beauty in crows feet and wrinkles, soft folds of skin and white hair, and wonderful craggy old hands. I'm not trying for glamour, which would be an insult. I want to portray their elegance, humor and dignity, and prove to them that they're lovely, and valuable beyond belief.

And yes, grandkids are still on the top of the list, though I've realized what a gulf there is between snapshots and posed But who can bother with composition skills when I'm chasing a toddler with a point-and-shoot?

My Damma skills, though, do translate in the churches--little kids love to play peek, even with a camera hiding my

So see? My priorities have changed--not 180ยบ, but enough to make blogging less necessary these days.

Maybe check back once a month?

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  1. *sad sniff*

    Well, I'll certainly look forward to your monthly post, then!

    Be Happy, Be Well

    ~Patsy's Daughter~


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