Monday, November 24, 2008

Back to fun stuff!

Last week, Larry found a Suetterlin font online, and of course, we both have it on our computers now :^) One thing it's good for is helping to figure out the original handwriting in those church record books. I found that if I type what I think I see, and it's the same, then I've sorta double-checked myself, ya know?

You'll recall (no doubt!) that the first HESCH we found in the books was a Johann Hesch who married Agnes Blaschko in Cimer (Schamers) in 1839, right? Well, I didn't totally translate the record till this morning...I had the first parts pretty "right", but the witnesses had scrawled their signatures, so I just stopped there.

Turns out, there were 5-6 people in town who witnessed most of the marriages--the local storekeeper was one--evidently, because they were citizens who were in town during the day, they were called on to be witnesses. Why does this matter? Cuz I was able to compare and cross-check their repeated signatures. Some were a LOT clearer than others written by the same person.
If you click on the picture, here, it should biggify. The original records were written across 2 ledgerbook pages, so it's below in three parts.

Grooms' info:


Brides' info:


Witnesses and priest:

Pretty COOL, huh?


  1. Anonymous1:46 AM

    I couldn't bigify the bride's info. Does it describe her dress? If it doesn't, I'm not looking. Sometimes I have to get rough.

  2. I tried it too, and the last two don't! Argh--but since YOU tried, I'll send 'em to you by email, even without the dress description OR bouquet, either. Did ya see BB this morning, btw?


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