Sunday, November 30, 2008

A FUN Thanksgiving with the family

We had a lovely Thanksgiving at the Murphys, with excellent food and company. We took a walk down to the lake after dinner, and then had pumpkin pie and creme brule--YES! A blow torch works GREAT!

Later, Josh and family showed up, and eventually, I tried getting a picture of all three grandkids. Since none of them is a "sit-still-and-smile" kinda kid, I use the "click-many-times-and-hope-for-ONE-good-one" method. (Actually, Mace seems willing to sit and smile, but it's more his amazement at how fast the other two move, I think).

We thought corralling em on Scotts lap might work....

Ok, maybe. They're all in one spot, anyway.

Kendall thought Josie might need a toy to help her to sit still.... can see how well my "method" is working, right?

But, see? I DID get a nice picture of Scott!

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