Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Fun in the sun

What a great day today was! We talked and laughed and ate and shopped .
I bought another bird (if I 'collect' anything, it's birds...lol), and I found out that even if you loose one of the batteries from a digital camera through the floor of a gazebo at Izatys Lodge on the shore of Mille Lacs Lake...the pictures ARE still there when you get home!

I found out, too, that people will do silly things just to get their pictures on the web...lol

Remember the pictures of Mille Lacs Lake last January--all ice and fish-houses? Here's the same lake now, and the water's warm, really!

Oh man, I'm beat...time for bed. It was a GOOD day, thanks to Bonnie, Phred and Sarah.

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