Sunday, June 19, 2005

Strange and cool in ONE post!

I need to know how a person can loose a box-fan in her own house? It's usually stored in the basement, with a garbage bag covering it.
Yes, I've looked! lol
And then, how can something that's 30" by 30" just show up--cuz you know it will. I'll find it in a closet or tucked behind me here in the office...still, doncha just love mysteries? Rolling Eyes

The other day, I noticed ants in the kitchen, on the floor by the cat's bowl. They're tiny and don't seem to be 'coming' from anywhere. (And no, the ants that come inside with the peonies are big black, easily squished ones. No prob there).
Well! here's something I discovered last summer:

------------>Ants hate strong smells.<----------

A "duh", right? I mean, what is Raid but a strong smell--it even kinda smells like Chanel #5, doesn't it?
SOOOO, I grabbed a bottle of cologne and shot the little suckers. The next morning I saw two of 'em, and re-applied the cologne. lol...didn't see 'em again and the house smells like "Sunflowers" instead of "Raid #5"!

See? Isn't THAT cool??


  1. Answer to a previous post: Just because you can't predict the future / didn't see it coming does NOT make you naive. As a long time student of human nature, I've observed that it's the truly unusual person that can manage the "Trust/Healthy skepticism" teeter totter successfully. One always hopes that they're job is going to be the perfect one for them, but the truth is, they usually aren't - and you can't tell from the job interview because - they market themselves really well! So the bottom line is - where do YOU draw the line? What is TOO MUCH to take? Cuz everybody winds up taking something in the working world. And most bosses don't want to set uncomfortable precedents.

    We all stumble thru life.

  2. Thanks Cookie!
    I agree and understand. When I think about what made me blush, it was believeing (among other things) that corporate would DO something about the situation, ya know?
    I've never come up against "corporate interests" before, and I naively thought they maybe didn't know how bad the Dragon was getting.

    They KNOW and can't/won't do anything...possibly til Mabel goes the way of Aunt Rosie?
    Oh, well, it's no longer my problem...I'm erasing slowly, but I AM erasing, I


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