Thursday, August 25, 2005

Glitters not

It's on the counter and the floor,
into Produce, and tracked in the door
of the office of the store.
(You can tell when I've been
to the restroom, too!)

It's on me, of course--like sparkly dirt
on my shoes and inside the V of my shirt.
My coffee shines;
I inhale it sometimes
-- then what've I got?
(Read the title out loud)

Damn, I'm funny!!


  1. Anonymous6:09 AM


    That was pretty good!

    ~Patsy's Daughter~

  2. Anonymous7:14 AM

    Thank you for that scintillating visual image! :^)

    Love - A. Non

    PS - Don't post anything worth reading for awhile, OK? I'm off to cooking school in Tuscany on Monday and won't have much computer access for two weeks. See you soon!


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